Couples Therapy

I see couples as well as individuals.  I use several modalities in couples therapy, and am informed by the work of the Gottman Institute and Sue Johnson’s Emotion Focused Therapy, as well as the work of one of my mentors, Seymour Boorstein, a well-known transpersonal and couples psychiatrist and psychoanalyst in Marin, California.

My approach is practical as well as depth-oriented.  In the first sessions, the goal is to understand the current problem and patterns in your relationship, as well as understand the needs and expectations you bring to the relationship from your own life experience, particularly from your family of origin. 

Conflict often arises out of anger, and anger arises from frustration, fear, and disappointment.  In our work, we will come to understand the roots of conflict.  In my role as mediator, I will help you find ways to resolve issues, but more importantly, help bring you both to a deeper and fuller understanding of each other and your relationship.

The Gottman’s have identified several principles of successful and unsuccessful marriage based on years of outstanding and extensive observational research on couples in their Seattle “Love Lab”.  In fact, they can now identify successful and unsuccessful relationships by observing just the first few minutes of an argument.  We will learn these principles and apply them extensively throughout our work.  We will identify perpetual, solvable, and gridlocked problems, as well as communication strategies that will bring you closer to your partner.

My goal is to help your hearts heal.  To love is to be vulnerable - the ones we care about can also hurt us deeply.  But with this vulnerability comes the possibility of deep understanding, compassion, commitment and joy. 

I work with couples of all orientations.

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