I strive to be really present and ever-curious about your life in all its facets.  I look forward to understanding, together with you, your current dilemmas, your strengths and interests, your relationships, life history, family of origin, dreams and visions of yourself and the world.  I very much enjoy the process of therapy and truly understanding and helping another person overcome obstacles - this is the reason I went into psychiatry.  Often, the problem that brings a person into therapy is the entry point to deeper understanding, growth, and happiness.

I specialize in depth psychotherapy, and draw from a variety of disciplines, including psychodynamic psychotherapy, mindfulness, cognitive behavioral therapy, time-limited psychodynamic therapy, supportive therapy, and medication management therapy.  I also have special interests in Jungian analysis, spirituality and couples therapy

The first goals are to get relief for your suffering and insight into your situation.  Therapy will be a catalyst for your growth, change and being at ease with yourself.  The personal qualities of your therapist do matter.  If our “fit” is good, a lot of good can happen.  If there are some mismatches, these are frequently instructive and helpful as well.

While I can coordinate medication management with an outside “therapy-only” therapist, I prefer to do both together.  Not all patients require or desire medications, of course, and therapy alone can be quite effective and helpful for solving problems and for personal growth. 

Therapy can last from a few months to a few years.  Sometimes, results can even be achieved in just a few sessions.  It may take a few sessions to know if we’re a good fit.

Why see an M.D. as opposed to another kind of therapist?  I certainly feel my training has exposed me to an extraordinary breadth of life’s challenges, and an exceptional variety of people.  As an M.D., I am well versed in all dimensions of health, disease and personality - biological, psychological, social, cultural and spiritual.  I can work with you on all these levels, and discover the optimal avenues to help you.  Finally, I can order lab tests and consult with specialists as needed, as well as prescribe medications when indicated.

My creative work (writing essays and poetry) and creative interests (in film and the performing arts) also provides a broad palette for understanding people from a wide variety of backgrounds.

I look forward to meeting with you and beginning the journey.


Adjectives:  warm, engaged,


non-judgmental, respectful, broadminded, curious, interested, consistent, experienced, nurturing, steady.

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